4 definitions by Researcher135

Generic standardized text which can be used over and over on various forms and contracts.
Don told his secretary "Just tack in the usual boilerplate clauses and send it out".
by Researcher135 January 26, 2017
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Gay urban slang for trying a new guy out sexually.
When he saw Billy drop me off, Greg asked me "Did you have you some popcorn tonight?"
by Researcher135 July 21, 2017
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One's own ability to react/respond to the artistic style of another.
The artist told me "I respect Tarentino's work and talent, but it's not my sensibility." (actual conversation quote from New York artist Chivas Clem of Maccarone Gallery.)
by Researcher135 March 30, 2017
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An itenerant lifestyle.
Her wanderlust kept her traveling from place to place and never settling down anywhere.
by Researcher135 April 2, 2022
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