When a bitch makes no sense.. At all.... Like if an alien came to earth and started speaking their gibberish Indonesian shit, it would be exactly like that.
The senselessness in that trick is 0
by Obama is my mama January 27, 2015
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Used to describe when someone is not getting a joke or doesn't understand the point trying to be made.

Can be used as a defensive comment.
Terry is senseless. He just doesn't get what I am saying.

I am senseless. I dont get it.
by Bailey1701 March 23, 2010
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To fuck senseless. To leave your sexual partner utterly spent, exhausted, satiated to and beyond what they expected.
by Recent Convert November 7, 2013
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Violence whose sense fails to accord with your political ideology.
Vice President Mike Pence tweeted about the "senseless violence" in Las Vegas.
by Dictionnaire Diabolique October 2, 2017
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1. Acting senselessly in situations that typically require only a small dosage of practical knowledge.

2. Lacking common sense, but typically still intelligent.
Common senseless moments are often accompanied by either personal injury or a financial blow, and they almost always involve extreme mortification.

Ex. The most common senseless moment I’ve ever had was when I went to that bathroom in the woods and wiped with a poison ivy leaf. Ouch.

Ex. How is it possible that my sister goes to Harvard and yet she still manages to run out of gas at least once a week. She is so common senseless!
by Common Senseless Girl May 9, 2012
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noise which only sensitive old fools can here
Karen: that senseless noise is giving me a headache
by leahsmathsingsong May 27, 2021
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To beat some slime punk so that they ain't got no notion of what's going on and they are just left left laying there doing nothing!!!
Quit being stupid fool, or I'm gonna beat you senseless!!!
by IGKYA53 December 1, 2013
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