Codeword for "I'm a big bitch." Used often by pseudointellectuals, "artists" who don't do art but talk about it, and philosophy academics that think with their crotch and talk out their asshole.
As an artist, I'm interested in semiotics and the relationship between excreta and the soul.
by bigtrick September 4, 2006
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A study of phenomenalism which offers that the "larger" and the right-leaning direction sign are equal to each other.

In other words - - > = >.
Semiotics states that the future is a subset of the past or that "the past is greater."

Semiotics says that "=" is a statement of equivalence--not equality.

Thus signs but not statements, can be equal to themselves.
by metawave October 26, 2019
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A word philosophers use to mean a condition, of mental pain for example.
On the subject of a students low grades
The semiotics of a convultion by a student who was outraged enough by the precise language of philosophy, coupled with his disgust at the rigidity of a fine art degree, led him to conclude it was all rubbish that came from the loins
by Edgar Allen Post September 22, 2006
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person with just one functional eye
David Bowie is semiotic
by Journas October 9, 2003
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Conducting a war using a full range of signs and symbols -- but pointedly excluding violence or other unlawful or violent acts. A war of ideas in the age of internet and multimedia. Compare scamizdat.
The Internet's response to Scientology's attempt to rmgroup alt.religion.scientology included publishing their trade-secret "scriptures," graphically reviling them, putting billboards on trucks and buses, hosting radio talk-show segments, songwriting, projecting laser glyphs on walls, having aircraft pull pennants with slogans, picketing their headquarters, deconstructing their newsletters, creating cartoon lampoons and webpages, and, in other words, full semiotic war.
by Jeffrey Wright January 2, 2007
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