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The adjective meaning "like Socrates" or "Socrates-like". Usually applied to nouns that are involved in critical thinking.
The Socratic Method involves asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions.
by The Logical Fallacy September 23, 2016
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1) Fantastic and underrated band from Cranford / Linden, New Jersey currently signed to Drive-Thru Records, on which they released Lunch For The Sky.

They are currently a 4 piece consisting of Duane F. Okun, Kevin G. Bryan II, Thomas Patrick Stratton and Vincent D'Amico. Bassist Adam Swider left the group in May, 2006.

2) A method invented by Greek Philosopher Socrates.
1) I'll extend my arms out to learn a lesson that no teachers teach on how to admire the morning in case this is the last one that I'll ever see. - Socratic

2) Makes no sense to me - Me
by Tommyhaych July 14, 2006
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