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self diagnosers are the people that like fidget cubes so they say "I need it so I can focus". Then the next day they will be like "omg i feel like I need fidget constantly, Omg I have such bad adhd" . This is very annoying not to mention how fucking annoying it is to people that actually have adhd. First of all stop, second of all GET A DIAGNOSIS!! I can't even tell you how many people are like "Do you really think i can go talk to that person? I have depression, anxiety, and social anxiety!!" I am so sorry that you are feeling fidgety, nervous, or sad, but mental illness isn't an adjective! I know karen looked up 7 "100% accurate not-fake (adhd/anxiety/depression/other mental illness)" test on google and its said she had whatever mental illness, but you really can't throw around those terms. in conclusion, self diagnosers piss people off! it doesnt matter how much u rlly think you have it, GET A DIAGNOSIS! DONT GO AROUND SAYING THAT U HAVE RLLY BAD THIS OR THAT WHEN YOU PROBABLY DON'T! PLEASE JUST DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS THAT U ARE REALLY SURE THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEFORE YOU GET A DIAGNOSIS FROM A REAL DOCTOR/PSYCHOLOGIST! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR "STRUGGLES"! JUST SHUT UP!!!!
karen says she has ADHD because she is feeling fidgety (after drinking 7 red bulls) WHAT A self-diagnoser!
by literally can't even May 14, 2018
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