Someone who 100% definitely has some sort of mental disorder simply because they say they do. Any attempts to quash this will be immediately shot down since nothing beats a self-diagnosed 14 yr old with mobile service.
Billy: Dude I am self-diagnosed with depression
Jake: No you're not
Jake proceeds to die since he has angered the mob of 14 year olds
by loolololollololoolo69 March 25, 2019
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self diagnosers are the people that like fidget cubes so they say "I need it so I can focus". Then the next day they will be like "omg i feel like I need fidget constantly, Omg I have such bad adhd" . This is very annoying not to mention how fucking annoying it is to people that actually have adhd. First of all stop, second of all GET A DIAGNOSIS!! I can't even tell you how many people are like "Do you really think i can go talk to that person? I have depression, anxiety, and social anxiety!!" I am so sorry that you are feeling fidgety, nervous, or sad, but mental illness isn't an adjective! I know karen looked up 7 "100% accurate not-fake (adhd/anxiety/depression/other mental illness)" test on google and its said she had whatever mental illness, but you really can't throw around those terms. in conclusion, self diagnosers piss people off! it doesnt matter how much u rlly think you have it, GET A DIAGNOSIS! DONT GO AROUND SAYING THAT U HAVE RLLY BAD THIS OR THAT WHEN YOU PROBABLY DON'T! PLEASE JUST DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS THAT U ARE REALLY SURE THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEFORE YOU GET A DIAGNOSIS FROM A REAL DOCTOR/PSYCHOLOGIST! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR "STRUGGLES"! JUST SHUT UP!!!!
karen says she has ADHD because she is feeling fidgety (after drinking 7 red bulls) WHAT A self-diagnoser!
by literally can't even March 23, 2018
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A term used by whiny teenagers on tumblr who have no mental illnesses but for some unknown reason wish they did.
Tumblr User: "I've been self-diagnosed with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and stage-4 fanfiction addiction."

Friend: "Have you confirmed this with a psychiatrist?"

Tumblr User: "No, doctors freak me out."
by RSiegfried September 3, 2015
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A person with no life who finds different mental illnesses to look 'quirkier', or to excuse their rude behaviour. Guess what, Stacy, you do not have OCD because you like to put your pencils in a rainbow pattern!!! You also don't have ADHD because you have a sad amount of fidget toys!!!!!
person: Why aren't you paying attention? I literally just told you my cat died.

Quirky Crackhead Stacy: Oh, you didn't know? I took a buzzfeed quiz and i'm Self-diagnosing myself with adhd, deppression, did, and anxiety so stfu
by imafrog September 30, 2021
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A DID system wannabe who thinks it's quirky to have mental illness. They have traits similar to a twitter user, thinking that anybody who has common sense and goes against their wrongdoings is a dipshit while being an actual dipshit in the process.

They also have a habit of making up excuses, common ones being "I can't afford a doctor" or "Doctor scawy" or "I did ten minutes of research and did two sketchy tests and lied on all of them, so that means I do have DID!" It's basically just some edgy teens on twitter or Danganronpa discord servers with the mentality of a Facebook conspiracy theorist
Person actually diagnosed with autism : "Please get a doctor you fatherless Self-diagnoser"
Self-diagnoser : "No you're wrong and I'm right wawawwawawwawwaw"
by walfupunch February 17, 2022
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A 14 year old who listens to xxxtentacion
“I listen to x and he makes me depressed” no your just a self diagnosed gai boi
by Tight butthole July 3, 2019
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someone who 100 percent definitely has a mental illness because they want to have one for some dumb reason and any attempts to say they don't are absolutely false for some reason because 14 yr old white girls are terrifying and you must never argue with them.
white girl: I have self-diagnosed depression
Normal person: No you don't
White girl: You dare oppose me mortal?
by suckmyteninchpp January 19, 2021
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