17 definitions by Curt

a arty preson who wares lowpants an is blackhaired studdedbelted and weres tight t'shirts and writes pomes
curt you emofag
by Curt September 6, 2003
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When u drive it makes ure ride look like its doin the moonwalk!
My Nissan 350x moonwalks wenim driving and my spres are so sharp u can cut bread w/ em wen i stop so holla @ me biotch!!
by Curt June 16, 2003
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is a 4 door car (v.s. a 2 door car reffered to as a coupe)
Last nights party ended ubruptly in the back seat of the sedan with the sheriff in the front seat.
by Curt April 5, 2005
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The act of making one appear to be a "sucka"
That dude got suckafied!
by Curt January 14, 2005
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an alternative to ",yo"
instead of "what da deal, yo?" you could use "what da deal, m00?"

Corny but i've been seeing this a lot
by Curt May 26, 2004
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a very fat ankle that is just an extension of your calf.
gwenith paltrow in Shallow Hal
by Curt December 5, 2002
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The best soft drink on Earth - my vote is for Barq's root beer. The the 50's and 60's it was A&W for me, but it hasn't been the same since the 70's.
Barq's Root Beer gets my vote as the best!
by Curt July 20, 2004
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