Job title given to one who has screwed up badly in business, but not enough to warrant the golden parachute, yet too risky to leave to their own devices.
"Do you hear about Jennings? They gave him a window seat."
by Phaad1 April 4, 2017
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The window seat is the best seat you can get on an airliner.
From the window seat, you get to see plenty of cool things. Such as watching your plane take off and land, seeing the wing flutter and bend, seeing the contrail coming out of the engines when you reach altitude etc.
And don't forget about the awesome view you get of the world around you.
Last summer I flew on a trip to Florida. And I was lucky and got a window seat. It was cool looking outside as the plane went from point A to point B.
by airplane luver April 17, 2006
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1. Seat with the better view.

2. From a business stand-point, when an employer is given a fancy title because of his/her reputation in the past but in the present is fairly useless as far as the business itself goes.
1. Jon took the window seat of the airplane to view the skies.

2. Jon got promoted to 'High Executive Manager'. He doesn't really do anything important since his work has gone stale but he is kept in the company simply because the public has known him for so long it'd be awkward to see him out of it.
by Shannoner March 17, 2008
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A big ass
from Erykah Badu's new video "Window Seat"

booty ass
Wow, she has got a window seat on her!!!

She stripped naked and we saw her window seat!
by Samwise scatgee April 9, 2010
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You think you are quirky and different when in reality all you want and are trying to do is fit in.
‘I’m such a window seat girlie’ - some pretentious person on Twitter.
by Moyth Domo January 2, 2023
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To be fired from a FIFO position.
When you are fired you get on the next plane out of town, which is empty because it's not fly out day. So luck you, you get the window seat.
Oh did you here about Robbo?

Yeah, I hear they gave him a window seat.
by Nah, Yeah nah June 15, 2023
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