Seamless (noun) - Used to describe a situation where everyone is told it will work perfectly, when in fact it's an unmitigated clusterfuck.
Support Agent: The transfer of your service will be seamless.
Support Agent: Uhh, let me talk to an engineer...
by Messy Sky Support Agent November 17, 2010
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To composite one or more images together using an imaging program (like Photoshop) so perfectly, it is difficult to tell the image is fake.
The photo of Mt. Fuji composited with the ash plume from Mt. St. Helen errupting was so seamless I almost didn't realize it was a fake.
by Maya_Ruad June 27, 2007
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High quality pantyhose without seams in the crotch area. The single most sexy item a woman could wear. Never should be worn with panties underneath and should be worn by all women, but only if they want their man to be turned on more than ever before.
You are not a proper pantyhose model unless you own a pair of seamless pantyhose!
by dale tuna May 9, 2011
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Similar to "Freshman 15;" when a first year investment banking analyst (usually a male) continuously maxes out his firm's SeamlessWeb allowance. This, combined with extended periods of sitting in front of a screen, high levels of stress, heavy boozing, and little to no exercise, results in a quick 15-pound weight gain.
Analyst 1: "Did you see Kevin back at Christmas? Dude got FAT!"

Analyst 2: "That's what happens when you order Chinese and buy 2 appetizers, 2 entrées, and a dessert every night just because you get to spend $30 on dinner."

Analyst 1: "Ahh... the Seamless 15."
by Wall Street Fatty January 4, 2011
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An alternative to the thong or g-string, seamless panties are a form of women's undergarment in which panty lines cannot be seen underneath tight clothing (such as leggings) as it is made up of seamless material.
Contrary to popular belief, women wear seamless panties when they *DON'T* want panty lines....they wear *thongs* when they *DO* want attention.

by urbanr0cker May 13, 2008
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When you consume a male/ female's head with your rectum until you reach the recipients neck where you erotically asphyxiate them as you stimulate their genitalia until the point of orgasm.
Johnny showed me he loves me sooooo much, he gave me a seamless bandana last night.
by Snowmanplantlife July 23, 2017
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usually used in reference to the performance of battlers in freestyle rap battles. If a battler can string together the flow of all his lyrics so they glide smoothly together when rapped he is said to flow seamless or have a seamless flow
"Man that boys lyrics flow seamless"
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
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