1) The bird that eats any scrap of food it can get, also known as a flying rat.
2) When a couple is having sex on the beach and the male takes out his penis and puts it in the sand. Once his penis has been emersed in sand, the male proceeds to shove in back in the female's vagina.
Yo I was at the beach with this dumb bitch and I was going to bust in her face, but I gave her a seagull instead.
by j0e March 27, 2003
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When i guy and a girl are having sex on the beach and right before your about to cum He dips his dick in the sand and puts it back in.
It hurts when he puts it in after the sand so she screams representing a seagull
by jju August 09, 2008
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A person with an extremely bad haircut.
Taken from the lead singer of the 80s 'pop' group, A Flock of Seagulls who had possible the worse fashion disaster for hair of all times.
God, look at that bloke’s seagull.
by mcrbloke August 03, 2005
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These are the people ,only barely, running around walmart on black friday just grabbing everything they see, not even knowing if they want it, but grabbing anyway and even fighting over cheep crap just because the price tag says 80 or 90% off. This could happen at other stores and also on other days but the ultimate outcome is usually some redneck being charged with assult for attacking someone else who grabbed a playstation 3 just before they could.
Look at all those sea gulls in line at walmart, blackfriday is 2 days away. My wife wants to go shopping on black friday but I don't want to get hit by another sea gull this year who waited in line 2 days before for a 2 dollar toaster.
by rockymntnoysters January 19, 2009
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Seagulls are birds that make a squeaking sound, and are commenly known to steal human food. People call them scavengers, and do run away from them when the fly over people. They are known have a common habit of dumping there crap on peoples heads, but dont do it that often.

Seagulls are most common in Great Britain, and have become more of land birds, and the amount of rubbish tips e.t.c have become home for these adorable birds. They now can be found pretty much everywhere. They are very big, and there are many types of seagulls.

There real, formal name are gulls. But just are called seagulls because of when they used to be mostly at sea. "Seagulling" someone is not a sexual act, as it has never been done before with any British Male. Theres ways of making them leave you alone, just throw some food on the ground. It will cause a small flock to gather.
Seagulls can be in different colours, mainly:

- Black & White
- White
- Grey & White
- Grey & Black
by SavagedenutsxX December 15, 2011
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noun,: a racial slur; an african american. Term is relevant in the presumption that african americans are like seagulls in the sense that 1. they only like each other 2. they are commonly found in large annoying groups 3. they're loud and obnoxious 4. they shit all over everything (especially things white people enjoy) and generally ruin a good time on a saturday night on the boardwalk 5. the are commonly found around large trash piles or dumpsters 6. they never shut the fuck up 7. they steal stuff frequently 8. they are generally disliked by the majority of the population
That fucking seagull just stole my french fries!
by Dan344 February 17, 2010
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'seagulling': when you casually dismiss someone by turning your head and flapping your hand for them to go away.
This dude was talking about everything he didn't know anything about and I just seagulled him away.
by Mwek January 15, 2010
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