NOUN. The act of going at it with a girl from behind (doggie style) whilst slapping her on the ass only after kicking her in the leg or arm (your preference) making her a "gimpy horse".
Fucking seabiscuits, dawg...leave your girlfriend's ass as red as her leg...HAHA!
by McSteamy January 8, 2007
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When you are fucking a chick from behind and you are about to cum you neigh like a horse nice and really loud, so as to cause some sort of confusion so that she looks back at you and then you cum in her face.
Man, you should have seen that bitches face when my seabiscuit blasted her in the face
by markey121 October 1, 2010
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A word affectionately used to describe elderly people.
Look at the old Seabiscuit walking out of the Nursing Home!

Jorge Lopez is a Seabiscuit!
by Luke Solosky September 29, 2009
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A person who resembles a horse. This can be in several ways such as long hair similar to a mane. It can also include making horse like face gestures such as chomping/licking of the lips and mouth. Another way can be stomping and clomping around in an aggressive manner.
Look at that seabiscuit over there for a second I thought she was a horse!
by hb93dlmn November 23, 2009
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