Neigh, I'll have none of that sh*te.
by BEGONETHOTS January 29, 2019
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NI's largest freshwater lake, claimed by a son of Lurgan to be a 'typo' despite having lived beside the fucking thing all his life. Not to be confused with "Lough Neagh", which doesn't have any horses near it.
"I'm for taking my little pony down to Lough Neigh, Bann Eel"
by Edward Strongbow October 27, 2003
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A blonde cat with a Swedish name. EVERYONE LOVES NEIGH NEIGH
Lizey: "Did you just see that Neigh Neigh?"

Jin Jens: "No."
by JINJENS March 24, 2011
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People who live nearby or in your general neighborhood. In additional to the obvious geographical meaning, the term has deep emotional, philosophical and (some say) sexual implications.
Person 1: Yo - you wanna invite the neigh-neighs over tonight?
Person 2: Yeah! Let's invite them for yokie-dokes!
by Spy Shack May 2, 2014
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One who shows apathetic behaviors due to drug induced mental states, typically shown the day preceeding an acid or ectasy tripp. Can be used to describe a state of being or used as a pronoun. (May be pronounced in a british monty python accent).
Person1 would you like to go to subway today?
Person2 neigh sir..... neigh.
by not kevin nikki or dori April 15, 2011
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The sound a horse makes when it sees food, sees another horse, gets scared of the leaf on the ground
My horse let out the loudest neigh as soon as he saw the hay
by Aquaturtle75 August 30, 2019
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