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That Bill can't hold a job, mooches money off others, has a sketchy legal history, and tries to get with girls he has no business trying to get with, makes him a scuzzbucket.
by ducksRpeople2 September 13, 2011
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A person; usually female; who often appears less than well presented, has poor hygeine and is rumoured to engage in intercourse with many men regularly.
A derogitory term.
Did you hear about Sarah; she's already got a new boyfriend.
She always was a scuzzbucket.
by PomPoko August 29, 2008
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(pronounced scuzz bucket) n. A person that has no morals, dignity or common sense. Usually are welfare recipients and/or lack no skills whatsoever. Most scuzz buckets can be found in thier parents basement or living room couch with a fat sweaty bulge of fat hanging over their underwear. Their odor is tart and their vocabulary consists mostly of vulgarities and incomplete sentences. They often name their offspring after alcholic beverages, sports cars and designer clothing. They travel in packs to strenghten their own weak nature. For a scuzz bucket, qualifying as a retard is equivalent to taking home the gold medal at the Olympics. They also beg for money and never repay their debtors.
Oh no they didn't come over to my house and drink, eat, shit, fart on my couch, watch my tv, smoke up all of my ganja and left they trash. They aint nothing but a bunch of scuzz bucket ass mufucka's!

(young son speaking to his scuzz bucket momma): " smell like onions and the shit is making me hungry. Can you please get up off of the couch and fix me something to eat?

Scuzz Bucket Momma: You lil fuckin nigga, get the fuck out my damn face talking crazy and me fucked up! Who the fuck you think you talking to..Just for that you on a food punishment. Yo ass aint eatin til next fuckin year fuckin round with me lil bitch ass nigga!

Young Son: Can I get a sip of you $3.99 bottle of whiskey then?

Scuzz Bucket Momma: Mufucka..shouldn't give you shit! Here bitch! Betta be glad I'm givin yo ass anything! Now leave me the fuck alone!
by lightskindbarbie February 01, 2007
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