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the lowest form of travelling kid within the punk spectrum. analagous to the hippie "drainbow" but usually worse.
a slight variant on the oogle.
a scumfuck must: not give a fuck. be very very drunk. be dirty. ride trains or pretend to.
scumfucks usually listen to g.g. allin, the original scumfuck, but some prefer only pure norwegian blackmetal (esp. burzum, since they are one of the most fucked-up blackmetal bands). the blackmetal thing is more prevalent now.
will be seen wearing dirty carhartts or cargo pants, adorned with numerous patches. patches will often include those of train companies (this is omnipresent among train-riding kids) and beer/ liquor companies (this is usually a bad sign).
facial tattoos abound, and are usually poorly-done.
scumfucks will ask anyone for money, even other travelling punks.
often travel with dogs, usually very badly-behaved pitbulls.
"This goddamn scumfuck stole my backpack and his dog shit all over everything."
by mosh on the 48. April 22, 2005
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A homeless, usually transient, sometimes stationary gutterpunk. Scumfucks differ from other street punks in that they are characterized by being drunken raucous assholes. Scum fuck is sometimes used as a derogatory term, but most scum fucks are proud to be scum fucks.
I went to get some cheeba in Golden Gate park and those scum fucks ripped me off again.
by kuroishi December 22, 2006
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an acronim for a gutter punk. an extremly filty and all around hardcore punk. usually homeless. oi oi oi. derived from gg allins band the scum fucks.
if your reading this your not a scum fuck. they dont have computers.
by chopsmcgee December 11, 2004
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An international punk culture in which the members normally live upon the streets and in families.
(Correct me if I am wrong)
The scumfuck walked down Haight street to buy a drink for his friends.
by Screwdriver October 21, 2003
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Name give to only those who are lower than the lowest thing you can think of. Think of the last thing you would ever want to come in contact with, times 100,000,000.....000. Also refered to as a "Jesse Marino."
Jesse is a Scumfuck.
by Justin November 24, 2004
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