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Person who portrays themselves as a member of the rainbow family,(hippie style)but really wants only to drain you of all your stash
"That dude goes to all the gatherings, but he`s really nothing but a drainbow."
Usually said with contempt.
by dogdave December 04, 2002
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Someone who hangs out with a group of druggies, and mainly uses the group to mooch/sap off their drugs, alcohol or weed.
druggie #1: Oh damn, look, here comes travis!
druggie #2: He's such a drainbow, i mean, seriously, can't he get his own shit?
Travis: Hey guys, what are you doing today?
druggie #1: Smoking soon, then about ta go drink.
Travis: Oh, sick let's get on that, pass me that blunt!
druggie #2: ..............
by KKAB April 16, 2008
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The slang word for describing an event where MOST people from all backgrounds go to focus on world peace and healing, but where others just like to drain someone of their energy .. which is known as a rainbow gathering.
"Hey! Didn't I see you at rainbow?"
"Yeah, I was at Drainbow... That shit wore me out..."
by DesertPhoenix87 December 21, 2016
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Pot smokers that hate the world. Former republicans that hold on to old ideals but get high enough to watch day long re runs of sponge bob , sport tie dyes, but never get satisfactory returns on their habits or business endeavours.
" I thought Mike was a hippy rainbow person, but he really had me fooled with all that tie dye, turns out he's a drainbow, he got high and complained for 4 hours on the couch about how his vending machine business failed, but who buys panties from vending machines anyway?"
by AVsearch May 15, 2018
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