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Stepping on a Black Mans Timberlands

(FYI.The leading cause of death in america)
Blackguy-Oh no you didnt scuff my gonna die!!!
by MiMo May 27, 2003
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"Scuffing" or "Scuff" or "Scuffed"
1. The act of beating down on a nigga and/or white person and/or person of other color because of some wrong doing

2. Hitting and/or Fighting
1. Yo, when Tyrone spilled water on Mike's timbs, he got scuffed up.

2. The whole group got scuffed up when the Po-Po's came around the block.
by Tai June 30, 2003
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The word everyone has been looking for.

The word you use to discribe "forcefully breathing air though your nose" or a "nose laugh."
Its basically when you laugh silently but breathing air out though your nose instead.
Kate was scuffing uncontrollably but Shelby was afraid the teacher would notice
by C'anna (AlliedAlmondTheOne) October 09, 2019
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