Stepping on a Black Mans Timberlands

(FYI.The leading cause of death in america)
Blackguy-Oh no you didnt scuff my gonna die!!!
by MiMo May 27, 2003
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"Scuffing" or "Scuff" or "Scuffed"
1. The act of beating down on a nigga and/or white person and/or person of other color because of some wrong doing

2. Hitting and/or Fighting
1. Yo, when Tyrone spilled water on Mike's timbs, he got scuffed up.

2. The whole group got scuffed up when the Po-Po's came around the block.
by Tai June 30, 2003
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1. Of poor standards or low quality

2. Referring to a fake / off-brand item, usually a boot-leg

3. Referring to something broken / not working as intended
"Did you watch pvc's last stream?" "yeah it was pretty scuffed"
"Have you seen Sarah's new shoes?" "yeah they're scuffed"
"Is your phone broken again?" "yeah it's fucking scuffed man, I need a new one"
by just a fellow moxxer October 2, 2019
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*Goes to chipotle and buys a burrito*
*customer* damn this burrito is scuffed
by brandonplayz November 23, 2018
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Having inferior quality, especially of something or someone that was previously good.
This is such a scuffed party.
These pants are so scuffed now.
by Periof January 12, 2017
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Something that is really abnormal or just out right NOT what it should be
Example 1: Dude your personality is mega scuffed. Take a chill pill.

Example 2: This drawing is really scuffed. It looks nothing like what it should be.

Example 3: This apple is extremely scuffed. It has bruises everywhere.
by TheSnapback October 26, 2019
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Means bad quality

But in gaming it is used when you complete a task in an undesirable way and not as simple as you hoped it to be
*Not in gaming
"Bro, why are you wearing off-brand clothes, they look so scuffed"
*In gaming

"That last mission was so annoying!"
"That was soo scuffed"
by 6Nice. August 28, 2020
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