Shit on someone: To disrespect, demoralize
"I feel so shitted on"
"____ shitted on me"
by Queen_Lolo September 25, 2017
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I thought he was an ally, but Hitler shat in my hand and invaded my Western border.
-Stalin (rough translation)
by Kevin Sanchez-Windsor February 14, 2005
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To plop your ass on sum niggas face and just let it rip. Then, after that shit, they better lick your anus clean.
Fat shit: That motherfucker Shit in Someones Mouth.
Horse Cock: Yea ik I did it to my girl just the other day.
by Some dirty Faggot August 5, 2018
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- an expression which usually means having a good night sex with someone, but not in all cultures
If a Greek says he is going to bang the shit out of someone, be warned: what it really means is "we are going to watch a movie about sardines".
by theperfecthost July 5, 2014
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A term used for those who plan on going abroad. Don't always assume that the laws over there will be the same as in your home country, they may be different and you could get caught out. It causes terrible anxiety to get arrested or go through a judicial process in another country so be careful. A good example is if you plan on flying a drone in another country. The laws may be different and the foreigners may get more irate over it than those in your own country.
Person 1: I might fly my drone over Paris when I go.
Person 2: French law may be different, be careful. Don't shit in someone else's toilet!
by LordJenal September 3, 2022
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