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The past passive pluperperfect of "to screw"
fish of the day.
Same thing
George realized he had been scrod by the used car dealer
by CableHills July 10, 2008
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n. In New England, any small, unidentifiable, cheap-quality fish. Perhaps from "scrawny cod."
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
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"Scrod" is an all-encompassing word much like fuck. But whereas fuck is mostly used as your "dirty verb" expressing action, scrod works as your "dirty noun" targeted by the action. It's quite universal and is most effective when used in a Boston-like accent.
Shut yer fuckin' scrod!
Yer nothin' but a scrod licka!
I will kick you square in the scrod.
Yer dad is one scrodass bastid.
You derrty scrod.
Fer real brah, she said "Put it in my scrod."
That kid is such a scrodder.
If the scrod don't fit, you must acquit.
That bitch was scrod-ilicious.

And the list goes on...
by Bill December 18, 2003
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1. Seafood delicacy, specifically a young cod or haddock, found only in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine.

2. Past pluperfect subjunctive of the verb 'screw'.
"Can you tell me where I can get scrod?"
by smbtch February 07, 2009
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Another name for women or more specifically a woman's vagina.
Sorry Dude I am not going to be able to hang out with you tonight, I am going to go trolling for scrod.
by Mr Blake September 20, 2007
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noun - The term used to define organic material collected on the balls of a male. Derived from a concatenation of "scrotum" and "sod", scrod is similar to smegma. The distinguishing factor is the location of the material (scrotum vs. penis). Scrod can be any combination of human excrement collected on the scrotum: sexual fluids, feces, sweat, or naturally occurring 'cheese'.
Jimmy is so nasty, his balls are covered in scrod. I thinks he wipes back and front and didn't cleanup his junk and he never showers.

Eric had to clean his balls after he had sex with Missy, because they were covered in scrod.
by Penny-tration April 12, 2010
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when you have a patch oh hair missed when you shave
Simone and Andrea always have a scrode
by melanie ferreira January 16, 2004
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