"Man, I really screwed the pooch when I talked to my boss while I was druck last night."
by Quentin August 1, 2003
To commit a blatant heinously humiliating error.
When he got drunk and took on the ninja, he really screwed the pooch.
by postmachoguy January 3, 2009
Boy who ever approved the new Big Tex design really screwed the pooch!
by screwedthepooch October 5, 2013
joe : trent, this isnt what i ordered . trent: oh whoopsies i really screwed the pooch.
by pappiihoe March 28, 2017
Screwing the pooch is a nonsensical action that is being done while a major fuck up is occuring or has occured.
Management have screwed the pooch while the competition gained the upperhand.
by ANTZILLA July 13, 2014
to fuck things up royally; originally used by U.S. naval aviators to mean "crash one's plane into the water"
by Anonymous June 5, 2003