he’s great friend but also can be an asshole when you piss him off
trent is great
by Adrianna Wooten October 18, 2019
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a man with a infinite inch long peen that will steal all girls, and bang all moms
fuck... trent banged my sister again.
by #trents4life December 18, 2019
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1)a best friend
2)a nice person
3)a class clown
4)someone who can make you laugh
5)a guy i know
by anamous April 30, 2004
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if you meet a trent, don’t ever let him go. They are the most funniest and most caring people you will ever meet, especially my boyfriend trent. They are always wanting the best for you and always trying to make you laugh and be happy. as well as that they are hot, sexy, fit, cut, adorable, peng, gorgeous, beautiful, whatever other synonyms of them words, they are. They are the most amazing people, I’ve found my trent and I’m never letting him go. They’re also cool and popular.
girl: ooo he’s sexy
girl 2: bet he’s a trent
by Shhhhhhhh pshhhh December 26, 2018
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Trent is an amazing guy. he has many friends that love him and a girl who loves him more. he can make anybody laugh no matter how bad of a mood they are in. he has many admirers. i love this boy so much. i miss him. i love you babe!
trent is amazing guy; yeah i know hes my best friend; hes my love :D!! i love this guy
by tchmiel April 5, 2011
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a smokin hot, utterly handsome, pimpin, totally to drool for aussie guy
look at that trent, me is inlove!
by dardoll May 1, 2008
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