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Originally a typo of the word 'screenshot' (typing 'screeb' by accident then pressing enter instead of backspace, again, by accident), 'screeb' is shorthand for a printscreen.
'Hey man, take a screeb and send it to me'
by Nay'os Kor August 31, 2008
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To 'screeb' is to do something to something else. Through the act of 'screebing', you yourself will become a 'screeb', or more likely, become a 'dirty screeber.'

You could 'screeb' your dinner down if you are in a hurry, but you would more likely screeb the fuck out of a kebab just before getting the night bus home.

The things to which the 'screebing' has been applied become the 'screebed'

But more often than not, if you smell, have sick on your clothes, look a bit scruffy, havent brushed your hair, have odd socks on or are in a general state of disrepair you are a "dirty fucking screeber.
Screeb, screeber, screebing, screebed, screebert, screebum, screebology, screebalogical screebist, screebarama, screebalite, screebite, screebtion, screebnation, screeboscopy, screebolysis, screebagnosis, screebtastic etc.

"Here you, ya dirty screeb! Stop screebing them wimmin and start screebing yer arse to these top quality screebing tunes"

"You didnt half screeb the fuck out of my toilet, you dirty screeber. Is your arse ok?"

"Im going to screeb the fuck out of the dishes now."

"I am a Screebologist. I study kebabs, cider and pornography"

You get the idea.
by deathPenguin May 01, 2005
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A screeb is an insult, for someone who is ugly or not good looking
Genessa's auntie Karen is a screeb.
she is a very screebly woman.
by GENESSA May 09, 2008
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