somthing that is so amazingly good or tasty. usually used when talking about food.
im stuffed to the brim, that dinner was screamin'
by PAVAROTTI650er June 16, 2009
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Adjective used to describe a particularly delicious food item.
"That barbecued chicken we had for lunch was screamin'."
by likehella January 7, 2010
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When someone says something in a regular tone but says it in an agrissive.
Jalen- Dog mane if you got somethin say say it bro on some real.

Eric- What you sreaming bra i aint said notin mane.

Chad- man dont talk to my boy like dat son!

Eric- I now you aint screamin some mess dog.
by MC Cheesin September 30, 2009
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licking the tip of your finger, then sticking it into an unsuspecting friends nose.
omg travis just gave me a screamin otter the other day and all i could smell all day was his spit
by the poo poo face monsters February 23, 2010
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Crazy ESPN sports analyst who screams everything he says.
I was watching SportsCenter last night, until Screamin' A. Smith came on. Then I threw a brick at my TV.
by ChuckChaser69 May 16, 2008
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Slang for a diesel engine manufactured back in the day by GM Diesel (later known as Detroit Diesel, later known as MTU). They were "screamin'" because they were loud, and "Jimmy" being casual slang for "GM." (Also known as "Jimmy Diesels.")
My job in 'Nam was to make sure them Screamin' Jimmys kept screamin' on the patrol boat, otherwise we'd have been sitting ducks for the vietcong.
by Rico Detroit March 2, 2008
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