Sex with some one who just had sex with someone else not too long ago.
Tim loves other people's left overs. He prefers jiz still inside.
by Ding Chaves February 12, 2006
1. When you're at a bar talking to a chick and her ugly friend creeps in to talk to you...that when you got leftovers.

2. Girls you don't want to hook up with tonight, but if you're too lazy to go out tomorrow, you might eat 'em up.
Man I'm not craving that meat tonight, call me up tomorrow when you got left overs.
by playa hata 01 February 5, 2010
When you smell the food and/or snack of the previous male that they tasted upon cunnilingus.
Rob went down on Coleen and he tasted the left overs... chili cheese freetos
by Nipple Knockers March 25, 2021
People that are not very intelligent. They tend toward menial jobs that require little or no thought. People with low ambition that are a drain on society. Loser
I had a run in with the left over at grocery store today. I asked him where the cucumbers were and he pointed me to the squash.
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
When you wake up after a heavy night of partying feeling pretty good on account of still being drunk; as opposed to hung over.

Having a left over can often be translated into a bearable day (given one has nothing to do) through the use of marijuana, greasy breakfast burritos, or more alcohol followed by a nap. The hair of the dog is just enough to stave of the hang over until you can deal with it in your sleep.

Late-night pot smoking helps the body lean towards a left over the next day. Don't ask me why, it just does.
Frank: "Dude, I feel like shit after drinking Budweiser last night."

Linus: "Man, you shoulda hit that joint. I have a total left over and am about to go to IHOP!"
by Drotus July 30, 2008
when wearing and kind of shorts or pants that are not basketball shorts, the excess of the pants or shorts looks like a bonor
by dsrg June 9, 2007
When your so drunk, you start drinking all the left over drinks around you.
Last Friday night I got Left over drunk and after that I don't even remember the rest of the night.
by Gimaf July 6, 2012