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Pikey riddled shithole in the north east of England whose main exports are pegs and heather.

Famous for hosting the UK's Hairiest Gypsy contest 8 years running
peg seller pikey dump Darlington}
by FatBeardyBastard March 24, 2011
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'Darlo'. Chav-central of County Durham, North East England. Full of gypsies, chavs, posers, wannabe hard-lads. Has a shitty shopping centre called the Cornmill, which has like 10 shops that aren't semi-decent. Majority white (not necessarily a bad thing), but quite a few come across as very thick when they say shit about other races. Has a shitty school called Hurworth.
Max: eee brandon u goin 2 cornmill 2day
Brandon: yeh that proper that. who wudnt go cornmill. yeh that sound beast that.
*Repetition of 'that' is common in Darlington. Plus don't listen to those who claim Darlington is something much better than London or Manchester, it really isn't...
*Beast means cool or awesome. Yep, noun turned into an adjective, proper cool that?
by jhij February 23, 2018
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A large town in north east England. Darlington (or locally known as Darlo) has a majority population of Chavs. With lots of Chavvy shops in the town centre an encounter with them is inevitable. The town boasts a new football stadium and a host of shopping facilities. The average age of mums in this town is probably 14. Oh and not forgetting if u go to morrisons, north road int he town on a tuesday morning you will be flocked by old people, the town has a very large amount of old people which seem to only come out when children are at school, otherwise they hibernate on weekends after 12 and all summer long.
Darlington the chav capital of the north east.

by Danny Matt July 18, 2008
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A tiny little town in Wisconsin with too many old people and bars and not enough things for young people to do but drink. Someplace nobody's ever heard of.
John: Where do you live again?

Joe: I live in Darlington.

John: Where?

Joe: Exactly
by TDot2552 July 06, 2009
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Most Boring Place 2 be no sexy girls only thing 2 do is 2 go to games and smoke weed only claim to fame is Darlington Raceway and the fact that its close to north Carolina (Still Lame) No Shooping places So Lame
Bob: So this girl is dtf

Carl: where is she from
Carl:You r so Desperate
by get a life 22 December 15, 2010
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Darlington Australia is a small place in western Victoria .. it has a bluestone pub bulit in 1842... it was the place to get away when the farmer was there...
Darlington has the Elephant Bridge hotel, fun , pub , small , friendly , sexy , farming , GUMBY , FOXY , STONE AGE , GEEK , BOOF , FARMER , UNCLE DOUG , RIGBY , RADAR , SNAGS , ROB , WHOP , NORMY ,
by 2q2bstr8 September 05, 2009
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The worst anybody can possibly do at anything. The grammar is terrible and there is a constant urge to splurge out random duck noises and yelps. At times one does not know what they are talking about but remembers and then enjoys a quick chuckle after. In your head you are never wrong and you always do your best. Everybody already knows who you are talking about when your talking about yourself. And you have at least 3 nicknames that all mean the same thing.
Girl: Im Allison
Mom: Im mom.

by quack nigga! September 05, 2010
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