This is a car (commonly a Buick) that is like a bucket with nice rims and a clean paint job.
Look at that scraper down the block wit those tight rims
by JazzyBooBoo March 25, 2005
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gas break dip... then scrape
box chev sittin on sumthin nice, and dem buicks
"SL nuttin it's a scraper mayne"
old school car dats dipped to da fullest
scraper candy paint,hyphy out da window shaken dem dreads dipped wit dye. Like Whaaaaa... yadadamean
white t-shirt blue jeans and nikes all day urrday swingin da scraper out here in da yay!!!
by babygurrl141510 January 30, 2005
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1. A person or thing that scrapes.
2. An act of consensual sex between a male and female.

3. A very hot girl in a dance club who seems to be drunk.
4. A real whore.

Also see scraping, skripping and scrapering
(2)"That girl didn't get raped, she got scraped." - Mike Mahbauamuta.
(3)"Man, there was a ton of scrapers at the club tonight."- Mike Mahbauamuta
(4)"That girl had a webcam in her room and was on their scrapin with a bunch of dudes. J Dogg, that girl was a scraper fa sho."- Mike Mahbauamuta
by Mike Mahbauamuta January 05, 2010
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Straight Outta East Oakland where it all started.......
A scraper is any G.M. car from tha 80's and 90's century,park ave,regal,le saber jus to name a few..Yo shit aint a Scraper till u put that G-thang on some 4's(24 inch rims if u lame)wit hella clap in yo trunk and like 4 coats of paint that make that thang look like a sucked on Jolly Rancher...
For tha record we dont fuck wit them pussy ass whistle tips no more...wake yo game up
A brah u see D in tha 2 tone scraper on them 4's?

U cats beta step ya scraper game up

Al was at bookers hella on one in his new scraper
by B Hefna April 04, 2008
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A fighter. usually in their teens age or on rare occasions, an adult. Preferably, one who draws blood from the opponent.
Mom: Sweetie!! What happened to you?!
Daughter: I got into a fight with a girl at school.
Mom: Oh my god!! There's blood on you!
Daughter: It's the other girl...
Dad: DAMN! My little girl's a scraper!
by Layzxcrazy November 13, 2011
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A girl who uses her teeth while performing Oral Sex on a man. other wise Known as 'Scraping' or Nut Nibbling
That Head wasn't even that good, that girl is a scraper.


That Bitch Scraped me so much. i wish i didn't get head from her
by Jose Dinero April 10, 2012
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Is a woman of younger age to moderately older age, who can hold her own, is tough, sassy, spunky, if it came down to it, she could whoop a guy's butt and not even think twice. It's nothing more than a definable female who can take care of herself and doesn't need a 'man' to protect her.
She's a scraper and knows how to take care of herself.
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