A highly stupid non-professional white collar worker with a complete absence of communication or organisational skills. Able to charge a fee for either doing f*ck all, delaying every transaction or movement involving property, or just generally being an annoying c*nt. Couldn't organise an explosion in a bomb factory.
"Quick, reload your high calibre rifle, there's another one of those estate agent c*nts trying to mug that blind, deaf and dumb pensioner"
by j_w_pepper October 3, 2005
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A muppet with no soul (becuase to be an estate agent you have to sell it) that screws you over for every cent you have. He has no mother as he as already sold her and he knows where you live.
"That F&%&king estate agente ripped me off."
by James January 18, 2005
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A person who makes a profit off selling other people's property and filling out paperwork. See shiester.
"After the nuclear war, the only creatures left were cockroaches and real estate agents."
by Isabel J. November 11, 2005
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A woman who negotiates the "sale" of some "private property." In other words, a prostitute.
Hey, I was just looking for a "Real Estate Agent" in the phonebook.
by Wallydon January 7, 2010
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In hot real estate markets a housewife or soccer mom that subsidizes the household income by listing family and friend's houses for sale. Usually not very knowledgable about anything related to real estate, a real estate agent is often considered a career choice while raising children.
Hey hon, is your cousin Margie still a real estate agent or should we hire someone to sell the house? I can't remember if her kids are in school now.
by Grant Rampus July 4, 2016
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Used by guys in their late-twenties, early-thirties when unemployed/ living off their trust fund. Requires lots of dinner meetings, drinks out, golf and fishing. Only property ever bought/sold is for their dad. Often in need of rehab and sometimes known as a douchebag.
"What's Joe up to these days?"
"Oh, he's a "real estate agent" in Charleston, so basically, nothing but drinking."
by ex-pat May 27, 2007
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A full-service residential buyer- and seller-specialist who assists clients in the sale of real property. This person alleviates much of the confusion and frustrations of buying or selling a home with the experience she or he has amassed over time within a given local real estate market or neighborhood. A real estate agent is armed with the tools necessary to provide creative and innovative solutions in real estate services. She or he provides resources to assist clients discover value in real property, provides strategies to build equity in her or his clients’ investment, and facilitates negotiations toward an ideal solution for her or his clients.
Does your real estate agent have a record of success?
by Good Life January 28, 2011
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