A girl who uses her teeth while performing Oral Sex on a man. other wise Known as 'Scraping' or Nut Nibbling
That Head wasn't even that good, that girl is a scraper.


That Bitch Scraped me so much. i wish i didn't get head from her
by Jose Dinero April 10, 2012
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When your fart smells extra nasty because you need to take a shit and therefore the fart scrapes the top layer of shit that’s waiting to be pushed out.
I could tell that fart was a scraper because it smelled of literal shit.
by Scraper King July 08, 2019
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Is a woman of younger age to moderately older age, who can hold her own, is tough, sassy, spunky, if it came down to it, she could whoop a guy's butt and not even think twice. It's nothing more than a definable female who can take care of herself and doesn't need a 'man' to protect her.
She's a scraper and knows how to take care of herself.
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A scraper is a person who tries to muscle in on action that they are not involved in. It could be a picture, whereby somebody shoves themselves into a photo without intention by the photographer, or somebody who tries to join in enthusiastically on a conversation which they know nothing about.
Person 1: 'Did you see Jane's skirt the other day!'
Person 2: 'yeah atrocious'
Scraper: 'omg yeah' (scraper did not see Jane's skirt)
by faygot September 13, 2011
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when there are poop marks on the toilet after you take a crap
person:i just took a massive scraper in your toilet.
friend:clean it you douche
by cascadineddy August 15, 2007
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Marquette University Freshmen who don't know how to give head so they scrape their teeth on your dick.
I went out with a scraper last night and my schlong is raw and bleeding today.
by Big Chimper June 09, 2003
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