The premier university in the beer capital of the world: Milwaukee, Wisconsin! They study hard and party harder. Natty and Skol flow like the milwaukee river. Want a party? take your pick of dorms, apartments, or houses. Want a bar? they got plenty. Sick of the bars on campus? welcome to downtown milwaukee. oh ya, and they live for their basketball!! WE ARE MARQUETTE
-Where do you go to school?
-Marquette University!
-dam, so u can out study AND out party me....
by sumrandomperson November 18, 2009
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An elite group on campus dedicated to showing off the number one Catholic party school in the nation. They specialize in one night of drinking mayhem, persuading parents to send their little ones here, and otherwise enjoying each others' company. This group is also on the list of Top 5 campus jobs.
Perspective student: "Hey, Mom! I wonder what Marquette looks like?"
Mom: "Word on the street is that there's some Marquette University Tour Guides there that can tell us about it!"
by tourguide April 30, 2011
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The rawest baddest school filled with straight up guidos and pimps. An all male private catholic school that had more weed and booty at its dancing than any public school. This place has the fuckin heaviest backpacks in the world on deck and for the most part the smartest motherfuckers in the area. They win a fuckin state championship every fuckin year. Guys from aother schools hate these dudes because their girls love'm. The school is filled with cocky niggas but can you blame them?? shit. half of the people are either really rich or really poor. the school is loaded with cash. bathroom always super clean as are all the classrooms and hallways. schools in the area hate because their schools smell like shit. You go to their football games and they are loaded with fans. Girls from all over the area are always rooting for their team because thier own school teams are whack ass fuck. the only good thing about other school are usually the girls poms teams. damn they girls is sexy. Marquette's got some crasy ass chants noone understands but some classics too. "Sloppy broskis" is very popular. most importantly filled with hoes from other school. Especially that DIvine Savior High School (an all girls school) dammn those girls are craving some BIGi socks at all times. The toppers. gotta love their mascot. its atleast not something weak like a pope. ANyways trust me if you ever meet someone from there they are amazingf so fuckem or become best friends with them before its too late.
High Schools Marquette University HIGH School
by curly haired jew fuck August 25, 2010
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