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1) the fine powdery residue left in a baggy of marijuana after the contents have been smoked

2) the remnants left in a pouch of tobacco when all the good stuffs gone, usually a shitty tasting tobacco flavored dust
1)'me and adam were gonna skin up but there were only scrabblings left'

2)'this cigarette tastes like shit' 'yeah i know, i had to use the scrabblings'
by Ramona Sanchez November 08, 2006
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Playing Scrabble. No resemblance whatsoever to the traditional meaning of scrabble, which is to scrape or grope about frenetically with the hands. Nor, at first blush, to the UD's definition of scrabble as an act of group sex. Then, if you think about it for awhile, you realize that playing Scrabble sometimes generates feelings and noises that are associated with having sex. I've heard that, I mean.
Is scrabbling with your peeps better than pretending you are on Jeopardy?
by BeNotAfraid December 08, 2012
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