The term scoobies comes from "Scooby Snacks" and refers to charred bits of herb and ash you may suck in while hitting a bowl. While unpleasant, they are no where near as bad as a flaming scooby which is a still smoldering piece of bud that will scorch the back of your throat.
"Dude, that bowl is almost kicked. If you hit it too hard you'll get some mad scoobies . . ."

"*coughing* Boo! Scoobies suck!"
by dave August 24, 2004
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The Scooby Gang, or "Scoobies", are the names given to Buffy Summers and her friends and colleagues who assist her in her duties as slayer in the cult television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer usually after they discover the existence of vampires and demons.

The Scooby Gang is needed to deal with supernatural and strange events in the Buffyverse. Namely Buffy, who can kick anyone's ass.
If trouble comes your way just call the Scoobies and they'll be on it stat. After dealing with their own adolescent issues first, of course.
by FivebyFive May 29, 2006
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Long, thin bits of soft plastic tubing that you plait and weave together. A massive hit with kids in the U.K, and starting to get popular in Australia. Come in metalic, neon, and clear glittery colours.
Those kids do nothing but make scoobies all day long!
by witchybini October 9, 2005
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Any item or group of items, from you or from someone else, that are combined together as one group or collection.

Can be used as singular or plural (example: scoobie or scoobies).

Especially in an office or public place where other discriptive, or foul, words cannot be used as discriptors i.e. shit, crab, or stuff.
Hey everyone grab your scoobies and get on the bus!

Do you have any batteries in your box of scoobies?

Who fucked with my scoobies?
by rick274 October 7, 2011
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Large testicles vomited by your Uncle after receiving rotten turkey legs from a homeless Caucasian.
"Hey, I heard that scoobies means large testicles vomited by your Uncle after receiving rotten turkey legs from a homeless Caucasian."
by JuliaErvin May 21, 2009
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E Pills---Word Originated By Teedahlee Tha Gr!nda.
Just Popped 2 Scoobies Now Im Back And Im Giggin'
by Teedahlee Tha Gr!nda March 2, 2007
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Yoo better drop dem scoobies off
your ass before I blast you mutha
by Gmoney September 19, 2003
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