Something torturing but teachers always view it as a fun activity, and exhausted to tempt their students to do it.
However, when you are assigned to do a science fair, it allows you to surf the Internet to your heart’s content, though it's not always for your work.
Teacher: Well, it seems that you guys considered this amount of HW is too much, how about doing a science fair?
Students: Nooooooooo!
Teacher: But your whole HW will be exempted if you guys do it. Want to give it a try? (smile)
Students (shouting in mind): Noway! Apparently you know nothing about the goddamn science fair......Do your research!
by Sherlock Eurus January 11, 2020
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1) hell; a lethal overdose of hell or and phantasmagoric element.

2)something one should be doing instead of surfing the net
1)Studying for that test was fuckin science fair!

2)Ana, you should be working on your science fair!!
by stray November 22, 2003
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something that is compleatly useless in life. teachers make this up so they can fail you, make your life miserable, and so you can learn pointless crap like how fast radishes grow, and which hamster finds the cheese faster. (i did these two 7 & 8th grade year) its awful. mean. and horrible. you fail every other class b.c. you have to write up a 10 pg. report on what you did, make a science board, and a 50 slide power point. AND have 3 judges come around and grade this. no one will ever use any of this. pointless.mean.unintelligent. makes the science teacher feel better about how dumb he really is.

no clue why its called Science Fair. fairs are fun. science fair is NOT fun.
TEACHER: class! we have a special treat today! we're going to do SCIENCE FAIR!!!!!!! *smiles huge*
CLASS: awwww nooo this sucksss
TEACHER: it will be fun. now you have to do *explains LONG list of "fun" things you get to, not have to, but GET TO do.
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 26, 2008
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An action or activity that should be easy to do or accomplish but made difficult or time consuming by the person partaking in the action or activity
Waiter: Are you ready to order?

John: Yes. Hmmmmmm. Wow! There are so many choices on the menu. You know. I kinda think I want the fish, but that salad sounds good. And you can't go wrong with your burgers. Wait! Tell me again about the special today?

Jack: Dude! What's up with the fucking science fair? Just order something dammit!
by caviedrums August 30, 2010
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A terrible thing that should go die in a fire that no one likes not even teachers.
I died from anxiety because of the god dammed science fair
by antinorminate December 4, 2018
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Two men anally gape a woman until the her anal cavity can contain 150mL. The men will scoop out the excrement of the women with wooden spoons in order to create a basin. Then, the men will pour 50mL of vinegar and then 50mL baking soda. The men will plug their penises into the basin in order to contain the reaction. After they ejaculate, they unplug and let the anal-volcano erupt.
I conducted a Seattle Science Fair with my buddy Eric last week.
by thegroober March 22, 2021
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