to be truthful about something and very serious.
"Was that fool really talking shit?", "yea fool I put that!"
by Sessa & Cheli June 5, 2007
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In order to gain trust of strangers and comrades alike . One invokes the name of the beloved leader of the X men. So it is understood that theyre actions will come to fruition and that there words hold absolute truth.

"Akin to swearing on the constitution"
He told me he wasnt giving me that $20 till next week and I swung on em.
and I put that on CHAWLS!!!
by Chawwwlsss!!!!! January 7, 2021
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Contemplate this semi-rhetorical question.

Should the fact stated after saying this be true, the author/speaker has won the debate, unless countered by a better instance of this sentance.

Should it be false, it can be ignored.
Politician: I put it to you that you are the worst possible candidate and are a total disgrace to your party.

Ali G: Well I put it to you *pause* that you suck off a horse.

Politician: That is not true. I was walking through fields and fell..

I'll cut it here so as not to spiol the movie for you.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 14, 2004
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i put both
i put both:evilsmile
by Shuttsies January 18, 2004
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A slang that originated from Game Gossip forums, which soon spread to other forums including Edgenetwork. The term came first from a thread where the thread starter talked about crackers and then later a guy responded ''i put both'' with GG's Evil Smile.
Jimbob: Whats your favourite food Pie or Cake?
Someguy: i put both :evilsmile:
by John L December 14, 2005
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I put a flag on it is used to claim something and make it yours
John: Me amo arsh
Dan: what?
John: that’s my catchphrase, I put a flag on it
by REP YO CITY July 4, 2020
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