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The state of being while drinking where one is one level above drunk but one level below throwing up. Characteristics of being schnockered: Realization of being drunk but still denying it, delusions of being able to beat up someone who outweighs you by 50 pounds, realization that you will puke later and ordering a second round of shots anyway, buying the bar, etc.
God, you were so schnockered last night!

I feel like getting schnockered.

I'd feel better if I could just throw up...(hence, they are schnockered).

by courteny171987 January 19, 2007
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totally shit faced, also trashed, inebriated, drunk, and sloshed
I be schnockered
by podlowe March 24, 2003
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a really random instance of drunkeness; extremely drunk
I was completely schnockered on my birthday.
(I have only met a few people who have heard this word, and most of them are from Montana! :)
by Teddra March 15, 2005
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β€œYes, I frequently get schnockered, I might even get Lackered from time to time”
by EthanIsGreat December 27, 2017
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