A type of dog which is notable for it's prominent beard and eyebrows.

The Schnauzer is a German breed, and there are miniature, standard and giant variations.

Colours include:

Black, Silver, and 'Salt and Pepper' (variety of grey), Salt and Pepper being the most common.

Miniature Schnauzers are usually family pets and are classed as terriers in the United States. They were originally bred as ratters.

Standard Schnauzers are also family pets.

Giant Schnauzers are often used as police dogs. A Giant Schnauzer reached the finals in the 2004 British Dog Show, Crufts, in the Working Dog Category.
The new police dog was a giant schnauzer.

Miniature Schnauzers were bred as ratters.
by Gunther August 31, 2004
noun: Female genitalia, aka the vulva and surrounding hair.
Sarah sat on the kitchen floor trimming her schnauzer
by Liz Baker November 30, 2004
A man from other galaxy.
I was kidnapped by a Schnauzer!
by Carlos A. Olaya March 25, 2003
A very politically correct way of saying somebody is a complete idiot.

This first appeared in a randomly generated name in the leaderboard of an undisclosed cyber security start-up company in Australia
My god. Do you know the CEO of that start-up? He/She is totally an Underqualified Schnauzer.
by roirrawedoceruces June 4, 2018
Another word for the male genetalia. Man's loyal friend that sniffs out adventure in ladies' pants.
Guy: Can't find a seat? You can sit on my lap.

Girl: No thanks. I don't want to risk making your trouser schnauzer frisky.
by SexRobot July 26, 2010
Pertaining to overgrown female pubic hair. After sex, as so often happens, moisture accumulates upon said hair. The visual is reminiscent of the beard of a schnauzer after drinking water.
Yo, after I pulled out of her the wet schnauzer touched my balls, I screamed like a little girl "I just got schnauzered!!!"
by Don Hoyt December 11, 2007