Term meaning the user has Jewish ancestors. Often overused to refer to some very distant relatives in the hope it will give them favour over others when dealing with prospective clients that are either jewish or in the belief that religious people do jobs better. Also used as an escape from anti-sematic comments.
The paternal grandfather of my maternal grandmother was Jewish. Therefore I am of jewish descent.

Hitler's grandfather was jewish (he used to beat his father, and from there was installed the seed of hatred for judaism) and hence Adolf was of a stronger jewish descent than I.


GUY 1: Those damn Jews still haven't given me my money, I suppose it is typical of them

GUY 2: That's a rather racist comment. You jew-hating nazi!

GUY 1: I don't got beef with the Jews, I'm of jwish descent myself; my great great gandfather was Jewish.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004