How to become a scene girl.

1. Dye your hair; black, beach blonde, red, rainbow colors.

2. Cut your hair short and choppy. Or you can have long hair with really short layers on top.

3. Learn how to style your hair. The bigger the better. Make it stand up in the back.

4. Wear cute little clips in your hair.

5. Wear layers of clothing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't match. Make sure its colorful.

6. Get shoes; converse, vans, flats.

7. Make sure to wear lots of eye shadow, really bright colors.

8. When you talk through in "SUP @ CHU" and "KTHANXBIA", "STFU", "IM BRUTAL WITH 2 Z3R0s and A F0uR" shit like that will make people think you talk scene so you must be scene.

9. Go to shows.

10. Defend the scene.

11. You MUST have a myspace.

12. Take new pictures for myspace like everyday.

Good Luck!

Scene girls are so cool, I wish I could be one.
by ECCKAH October 16, 2006
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scene girls typically have black hair with their bangs cut a 45 degree angle. they wear big plastic jewerly and leggingly under their hollister mini skirts with their ballerinia flats. they wear clothes from urban outfitters thrift stores and their favorite band tee's typically combined with a white studded belts. occasionally, fishnets are typical. they wear black eyeliner with neon colered eye shadow and talk about how much they hate ( the preps the skaters, the jocks...) and their favorite bands..which typically are terrible they take pictures of themselves from different angles to put on their myspace which are totally hardxcore or the SEXXX which they will totally get scene points for. they love writing RAWR, im a dinasour on their binders and pretend to be ninjas, pirates...and so on.. they typically wear pretty bows or little girl head bans in their hair (which is really cute regardless) fashion to them is a pair of joe's jeans thier hot pink green day t-shirt and a studded belt...but dont hate scene girls, beacuse they are people too
Erin: so hannah, are you excited for the mae concert tonight?
Hammah: totally it's going to be the sex!
erin: yeah soo hardxcore
hannah: dont forget to bring your digi, i want to update my myspace pics for tomorrow
erin: alright I LOVE YOU!!!
hannah; AWW I LOVE YOU TOO!!
erin: im so glad that we're scene girls!
by summer <3 March 21, 2006
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Scene Girls are normally defined as loud and bright,they usally wear tight clothing,or graffic tees with hello kitty,rave,screamo,punk or rock bands or Gir.They tend to date scene guys which are tall skinny have long bangs usally covering eyes and are deffined as outcasts in high school and middle schoo,
ledamonsterbunny,izzy murder,hannha beth,scene girls
by Killer Scene June 26, 2011
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Usually concieted whores with HUGE hair who cant talk enough about how "beautiful" they are but yet they think they are so hardcore with their hello kitty. They are the cause of global warming with their freaking hairspray.
Mike: oh my....look at that scene girls hair and short skirt

Mat: Oh no bro..its not worth tapping that. She'll just go on about herself and bitch about her hair to the point where you just want to throw her off a cliff

Mike: Good looking out bro!
by Armagoddamnmotherfuckingeddon December 26, 2009
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girls who move from scene to scene is always very fashion and are linked to emo clear that they are more cheerful.
`to be a good girl scene must be pretty skinny people-to-wear clothing so you must be thin to have the best hair best clothes and so on, so Genereal are wealthy girls who post their photos on sites such as: my space, vampirefreaks, buzznet and others.
scene girls :brokelle bones, kiki kannibal, babyfayce, hollygum,dakota rose ,...
by killmexbitch October 17, 2008
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Usually, a scene girl will have brightly colored hair, such as pink, purple, white, yellow, green,orange. But also blonde or brown, with streaks of color in it. Scene girl have 3 main styles. Vintage/60's, Raver, or the basic. Vintage: Flares, old band tee's, big fake/real glasses, bandanna's, belly shirts, high waisted pants. Raver: TuTu's, Colored petticoats, neon heels, HUGE hair, bikini top, lots of bows, bright make-up, cute anime back-pack. The Basic: Skinny's, Band tee's, Cartoon tee's, converse, vans, toms, chucks, Bright Make-up,Teased hair,lots of kandi(huge beaded bracelets) Rubber Bracelets.
See Google Images For Pictures Of Scene Girls.
by MrsNiallHoran91393 September 26, 2012
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scene girl:

there a different types of scene...

but no matter what type of scene girl they will mostly be like this:

-wear converse, vans, or slip-on ballet flats.
-might have piercings.

-wears skinny jeans alot.
-listens to screamo, techno, rap or crunkcore (crunkcore- screamo/techno/rap mixed)
-has choppy layered hair
-loves some sort of cartoon character like hello kitty, gloomy bear, ect.
-has high confidence
-might be a stuck up bitch (beware some can. they think they are awesome)
-has a myspace
-wears little bows
-shops at hot topic, zumiez, jounerys, ect.
-likes bright colours
-says things like "mosh, awesomesauce, stellar, fo sho, shizzle, grizzle, bitchin, ect"
-gets online alot
-has extesions
-hair is blonde, bleach blonde, black or mutli coloured.

ashlee: ohmygod. jeffree star is da shit.
toriee: i know hes bitchin. fo sho hoe. jk jk

ashlee: applesauce is totally stellarr fosho like da shizzle
toriee: ohmygod. jenn curbstomp and hannie dropkick are total scene girls.

ashlee: i kno. i wish i was them.
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