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Usually, a scene girl will have brightly colored hair, such as pink, purple, white, yellow, green,orange. But also blonde or brown, with streaks of color in it. Scene girl have 3 main styles. Vintage/60's, Raver, or the basic. Vintage: Flares, old band tee's, big fake/real glasses, bandanna's, belly shirts, high waisted pants. Raver: TuTu's, Colored petticoats, neon heels, HUGE hair, bikini top, lots of bows, bright make-up, cute anime back-pack. The Basic: Skinny's, Band tee's, Cartoon tee's, converse, vans, toms, chucks, Bright Make-up,Teased hair,lots of kandi(huge beaded bracelets) Rubber Bracelets.
See Google Images For Pictures Of Scene Girls.
by MrsNiallHoran91393 September 26, 2012

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