Average Scene Girl
-choppy layered mullet
-multi-colored hair
-owns many things that are neon colored
-band and dinosaur T-shirts
-snakebites,monroe or septum piercing
-owns a sidekick,RAZR or SLVR
-mulitple pairs of skinny jeans
-Myspace account with more friends than Tom(if that's even possible)
-only assocates with other scene kids
-wears outrageous amount of eyeliner and eyeshadow
Scene Girl:i think im gonna wear a massive amount of eyeliner today,with a massive amount of glittery neon pink eyeshadow
Scene Boy:me too!
Scene Boy&Girl:we are soo scene and better than everyone!
by abhjuiksld October 08, 2006
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Any of a group of conformist girls who mistakenly believe that they are unique and different. They are naive, immature, annoying, slutty, insecure bitches who make up the majority of teenage girls.

Scene girls are naturally promiscuous. If they aren't whores, they aren't truly scene girls. They add 400 million people on myspace and facebook to make up for their lack of real friends.
They only date guys who have scene hair, regardless of their personality, charm, or appeal, and they ONLY date for internet popularity.
scene girls: haayy look at mi bf's hair on our myspaces!

Normal person: It says he lives 12,000 miles away from you and is flirting with 5 other girls at a time.....?

scene girl: ohh nu we r in luvs! Just like mi last eleventy millionz bfs that I was in luvs with :3
by CradletheRight January 04, 2011
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REAL scene girl:
black or blonde
choppy on top
long hairextensions
side swept bang/comb over
teasedsize varies
black eyeliner
blushdepends on you
v neck
band t's
bright t's
plain t's
hella tight pantsskinny jeans
random whatever-nessyou make your style
ballet flats
flip flop
may or may not have peircings, it depends on you
most of the people i know do drugs, and they are not sxe and most are vegitarian or vegan;;animal rights.
language is your own thing.
whatever music you like
dont go unless you know the band other wise you will be like the scene girls in the back on their sidekicks trying to gt attention with their overly poofed hair becase all the real scene kids are in the mosh pits.
cristina: haii cunt
cristina: are you goin to the show tonigh?
marquis: errmm no..wtf? who does that??
cristina: uhh those lame cunts over there
marquis: you mean those scene girls who read urban dictionary def.?
cristina: yeah too bad they didnt read ours..
marquis: psshyeah poor uber lamesauce out of date scene kids.
by rosie hollywood April 24, 2009
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1. Big sunglasses.

2. Act childish.


4. Obsession with little boy toys, and even girls. Dinosaurs, poke-a-dots, big bows, pink poofy dresses, etc.

5. Go to hardcore shows to meet up with their myspace boyfriends. If you can't find them, ask someone where the person with the 4 bandanas around his neck is.

6. Double the i's and the &&'s.. "&& ii still l0ve y0u!"

7. Go to hardcore shows to get scene points. They can earn these scene points by who's standing furthest in the back, who has more layers in their hair, who has more eyeshadow colors on, who's sunglasses are bigger, who's pearls are shinier, who's bow is bigger and has more pok-a-dots, etc.

8. they talk shit to the wrong people, and run away when they get punched in the face.

9. try to fashion someone out.

10. waer the most random and ugliest clothes.
oh shiit d00d. i earned 500 points with my fashionxcore outfit at the hardcore show last night; then ii got punched in the face by some br00tal tuff bitch && she BROKE MY XXL SUNGLASSES!!!!!! dammn!! i am such a scene girl!
by Erika love. July 23, 2006
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1)on the internet: a 40 year old man stalking pubescent teenage boys on the internet, theres no such thing as a scene girl, they are like giraffes, they dont exist. They use gaia and myspace to pull in outcast boys and usually cyber with them.
Boy 1: Dude, check out this hot scene girl im dating over the internet
Boy 2: Eww, you like old men
by Lol Wuut January 03, 2009
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Slutty girls who usually date any guy or girl within their own little group. Yes, they like to think they are bi and crave the attention that comes along with it.

Hair is very scene, and make-up includes looking like a mix between a raccoon and a prostitute. Clothes are basically v-necks, random kiddie tees (dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, robots, sparkles, princesses), extremely tight skinny jeans that have some sort of animal print on them, excessive chains, a shoe of the brand Converse or Vans, and little girl bows and beaded bracelets. And who could forget the ironic mix of black and rainbow.

These girls act like airheads, but at the same time hate anybody's guts who do not think of them as 'deep' people. They will try to rebel whenever possible or make themselves appear 'different', 'unique', or 'special' to anyone else. Dislike being put under a certain category such as 'emo', 'goth', or 'scene'.
Scene Girl Miranda: I just love my rainbow colored bows! I'm going to update my MySpace status about it right now!
Scene Girl Mikaela: Yes. Let's take some MySpace pictures that look like we are deep yet suffering.
Scene Girl Miranda: Rawr! I think we should kiss in the picture, just so everyone thinks we're bi!
Frustrated Girl Auden: Wow, fuck you both. You're annoying, keep the rainbow chains to a minimum here please.
by Let's be honest here. August 31, 2009
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is a girl who attends all the shows at all the venues. she has a since of style that is funky and scene, of coarse. she cas either black, bleach blonde, or red hair. lengths from shoulder to short spikey back. with long sides and blind folds ONE eye.

takes alot of shit from punk boys.
man, check out that scene girl, shes rad.
by nellie March 27, 2005
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