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scene girl:

there a different types of scene...

but no matter what type of scene girl they will mostly be like this:

-wear converse, vans, or slip-on ballet flats.
-might have piercings.

-wears skinny jeans alot.
-listens to screamo, techno, rap or crunkcore (crunkcore- screamo/techno/rap mixed)
-has choppy layered hair
-loves some sort of cartoon character like hello kitty, gloomy bear, ect.
-has high confidence
-might be a stuck up bitch (beware some can. they think they are awesome)
-has a myspace
-wears little bows
-shops at hot topic, zumiez, jounerys, ect.
-likes bright colours
-says things like "mosh, awesomesauce, stellar, fo sho, shizzle, grizzle, bitchin, ect"
-gets online alot
-has extesions
-hair is blonde, bleach blonde, black or mutli coloured.

ashlee: ohmygod. jeffree star is da shit.
toriee: i know hes bitchin. fo sho hoe. jk jk

ashlee: applesauce is totally stellarr fosho like da shizzle
toriee: ohmygod. jenn curbstomp and hannie dropkick are total scene girls.

ashlee: i kno. i wish i was them.

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