1.) A girl in the scene who follows all of the scene trends, listens to all the scene music, takes scene pictures for her myspace &livejournal. Has hair that is fakely dyed black, bleach blonde, black w/blonde, &bright colord streaks. Has a scene haircut that she either did herself of had her millionair daddy pay for in west hollywood. Many either look anorexic or fat. The usually have lip/nose peircings &tats. Her clothes are from online "underground" stores. Her sunglasses are big and think framed.. white to match her cocain. However she can also be sxe, wears strands upon strands of long pearls or other beaded necklaces, even though nothing about her is classy but shes so scenexcore she can do whatever the fuck she wants. She Fucks the scene boys, has only scene friends, usually claiming not to be scene, even thought she fits the profile.
scene girls;
1.)Most girls friends with Jerffree Star on myspace
2.)Most girls at hxc shows
3.)Eighter really skinny &hot or extreemly fat &ugly
by asjkefhehj February 19, 2006
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The way we are. Haters who have nothing better to do than bitch on a goddamn online dictionary make us giggle :3 you wee cutiepiies <3 xox We are gorgeous and fun and haters are jealous cuz we actually have friends hehee xo
Scenegirls are the sexiest people alive so get a grip haters xx kthxbaiii we know you love us really so get over your super inflated ego and see we're our own people and have our own style. mwaaah peace rawwr <3 xoxoxo yours truly, scene girl <33
by KandiiKanee xo May 04, 2011
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a lame chick who tries to be all non-conformist, but completely follows the crowd and looks like all her friends, even the guys. usualy has a stupid hair cut, and is apparently all "Hardcore"
i think my deffinitions of scene girl is enough for now
by peace and love November 15, 2006
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Those fake, ugly dumb bitches that think they're so cool with their way to much make up, eyesore outfits, puffy hair, and better then you attitudes. Basically preps that're wanna be emos. They all think they're so different when you look at them and they all look the same.
Approach a girl with raccoon eyes, a tiara on top of her puff head, lots of neon colors, piercings and a t-shirt for a crappy band being as loud as possible, you've found a scene girls.
by velvetveela May 21, 2010
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Apparently, young females that tend to hang outwith other dubious, self-entitled children desperately seeking to break away from the traditional "emo" pack and portray the following qualities:
1. terrible haircuts
2. poor fashion sense (leggings are not pants)
3. a slurry of star tattoos and lip piercings that they will soon regret
just walk around any mall at any time and look for a scene girl
by monsterweenie January 08, 2012
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girls who move from scene to scene is always very fashion and are linked to emo clear that they are more cheerful.
`to be a good girl scene must be pretty skinny people-to-wear clothing so you must be thin to have the best hair best clothes and so on, so Genereal are wealthy girls who post their photos on sites such as: my space, vampirefreaks, buzznet and others.
scene girls :brokelle bones, kiki kannibal, babyfayce, hollygum,dakota rose ,...
by killmexbitch October 16, 2008
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Some ppl sayy dat scene people are emo but most arent cozz if ur emo then ur just a person who thinks there life aint worth living.. But i thought that and i chose scene cozz u dont have to act depressed "all the time" and u can wear anything rlly. If ur scene u can wear any colours bright and all but u GOTTAA make sure u know exactly wat hair u want if u just go in and pick one then it might make u look like a fag so pick the right hair. A site that helped me quite a bit to pick hair and find rllyyy rllyyy cute backrounds and stuff its >> www.luvemo.com Its totally sex (meaning kewl in scene talk) So if ur life sux but u just cant always be totally depressed and down then choose scene and the few best things bout scene >> the hair,,,,the clothes,,,,the cuteness,,, and still being able to be happy!!
Scene Girls Examples for words>>> lol=lawll or like on words add letters like this >>rlly,,rllyy its the scene and if ur new to scene then i suggest u find a site like dis and talk and search around a lil

This is Kugl Torture kickin all u fags into shape

by Kugl Torture July 15, 2010
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