1) HAIR-Usually has BIG, poofy, teased hair (or spiked in the back if it's short). Their hair is most often dyes black or blonde with a few random streaks or coontails in it, with emo bangs swooshed over one eye or straight, blunt bangs that go over the eyebrows. Accessories include little bows, barrettes, headbands, ect.

2)CLOTHING-ALWAYS WEARS SKINNY JEANS: no other types of jeans are scene, super skinny jeans are a staple in the scene kid world. Scene girls usually have dark-washed jeans with either a jacket or band t-shirt on, with many layers of lacy tank-tops underneath. They like to wear pearls and wear lots of little kid beaded bracelets. The most scene shoes are vans, flats, skate shoes, or converse.

3) MAKE-UP: The scene make-up is CRUCIAL to the style. The girls will either wear a thick line of BLACK eyeliner an the top and bottom lid with bright and carefully done eyeshadow, or thick eyeliner at the bottom and intense dark black eyeshadow almost to the brow. Lots of girls will wear pale face powder. They will also wear either no lip make-up or put conceler and lip gloss on their lips.

4) PERSONALITY- Most scene kids will be extremely conceited and have a gazillion pics of themselves on myspace. They are mostly loud and random, and have funky personalities. They like to say stuff that no one says anymore (mostly 80's slang). They like to go to raves and shows alot. Some stubborn scene kids claim they're not scene at all, and say their "hardcore"...but we all know they aren't. ;)

5) MYSPACE: Every true scene kid NEEDS to have a myspace. Scene girls will usually have their scene name up for their name, and a kabillion pics of themselves. They also will have a bazillion friends (because they're Myspace whores)
1) Emma: Wow, Becky's been turning into such a scene girl now!
Rachel: I know, she even changed her name on myspace to "Becky Brutal"

2) Scene girls talking amongst themselves: Wow, LOL like, i went to a rave last night!!! but I lost my bow, aw how sad...blah blah blah
by xXAllison[x]WonderlandXx April 15, 2009
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Scene Girls are normally defined as loud and bright,they usally wear tight clothing,or graffic tees with hello kitty,rave,screamo,punk or rock bands or Gir.They tend to date scene guys which are tall skinny have long bangs usally covering eyes and are deffined as outcasts in high school and middle schoo,
ledamonsterbunny,izzy murder,hannha beth,scene girls
by Killer Scene June 26, 2011
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Scene girls are usually found in their natural habitat, myspace.com. They have a tendency to cake on ten pounds of make up, usually with bright eyeshadow and insane amounts of eyeliner that must have been inspired by racoons. They put bows in their hair in an attempt to be "cute." They wear band shirts, even if they don't know who it is. Skinny jeans must be worn and must be some ridiculous color that doesn't match anything.

When talking to a scene girl, you will find that they don't feel the need to use capitalization. Many of the words will have extra unnessary letters in them. Likeee thissss. Hearts are used a lot so their friends will know when she calls them all " trashyy slut whooress <3 <3" that she means it with love. Scene girls "rawr" a lot, because it's "cute" and because they love dinosaurs.

Scene girls have completely murdered hair. They begin by teasing/backbrushing, something that is actually very bad for hair. Scene girls put many colors in their hair, even if the combination looks ridiculous. They constantly redye it, causing more damage to their hair. They typically get brightly colored animal-print extensions as well.

Scene girls claim to be doing these things to express themselves as unique individuals. However, when a scene girl comes upon one who is not "scene enough" (one that is not identical to all the others) she will chew this girl out, calling her a poser and a wannabe.
Typical scene girl conversation:

MollyxMonster: rawr! ily my stupid && ugly whoreface <3 <3
CarieCourpse: thnx bitch, oh heyy hav u seeen my new picccc ? <3
MollyxMonster: oh hun i'll checkkk <3 wtfff?? u r such a poser with dat uglyy ass wannabe hair and u look soo fat in those jeans, what are they a size oneee??
by GoAwayLoser February 17, 2010
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A girl who is usually confused with beeing emo. They are attention whores (no-offence).

Hair: Often blonde or black with sopme kind of unatural color. Its also usually teased the bigger the better. The hair is always straightned and they go through lots of hairspray. Hair extensions help alot. The hair is epic.

Shoes: Vans,Converse,Skate shoes, as of now ballet flats. Remember the morer colorful the laces the better.

Jeans/pants: Skinneys are a must the tighter the better. Rips and holes are also excepitable just make sure you have crazy colorful leggings to go with them. Denim mini skirts are okay to.

Shirts: Random logos. band tees are great too. Make sure you have plenty of tees with cartoon characters such as Gir, My little pony, power rangers etc. Lacy colorful tanktops are great to.

Makeup: Thick eyeliner is a must. Usually black but remember to put some color in it the more colorful the better! Scene girls also usually use fake eyelashes and colorful eyeshadow almost to the brow.

Music: Is very important. Scene girls usually like local bands and are always at concerts. Scene girls often listen to anything exept country and most rap.

Etc: Make sure your always on your cell. or myspace (make sure you post lots and lots of pics of yourself) Piercings are great but that all depends on you. There names are also important such as Kiki Kannibal.
Scene girl #1-Are you going to never shout never's show tonight???
Scene girl #2- Pshyah its gonna be the absolute Sexx!!!!! And plus what kind of lame wonder duck isnt going?
Scene girl #1- Hah! I knew you were my favorite Biatch for some reason.
by XxKaylee KatastrophicXx June 01, 2010
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-MUST have a myspace (Stickam is also acceptable,)
-has some strange color in hair
-hair must be choppy or messy or something!
-usually have long and colored extensions (coon stripes-)
-facial piercings (i.e. septum, monroe, snakebites, nostril, lip, eyebrow ect.)
-act like an immature little kid
-either do gore, or lush (cute.)
-wear super tight pants
-really any shirt is acceptable
-bows in hair
-dark rimmed eyes (shitload of eyeliner)
-brightly colored eyeshadow
-hello kitty and gloomy bear!!!
-say things like "rad" "stellar" "gnar" "cunt" "hoez" "nigz"
-have obsessions with random cute things that 4 year olds like
-listen to grindcore (or metal or techno or anything, really)
-think highly of yourself
-must love Jeffree Star
-take myspace pics in weird angles and be original!
-have a myspace name ending with some sort of inanimate object or starting with an adjective i.e. "lexi lush" "meggie massacre" "kiki kannibal"
-screw everyone
-don't ever admit to being scene, cuz honey, if you're in the scene, don't act like it
-call people hun, sweetie, love, darling, sexy, cutie ect.
-being bisexual is very in right now for guys and girls, but if you don't actually like the same sex, then don't pretend you do
-try to get tons of friends on myspace (ex: "I have 15k!")
-be a bitch, but be sentimental at the same time
-always try to be original
scene girl 1: "I can't wait to go to hot topic today! that store is so effin rad"
scene girl 2: "yahh, they got the tightest pants evahhh"
scene girl 3: "let's stop off at claires too. i feel like getting some totally lushed out bows. i need new myspace pics!"
scene girl 1: "yahh."
scene girl 2: "oh em gee! we should totally get some pics of us making out!"
scene girl 3: "oh fuck yeah!"
scene girl 1: "that would be so hardcore!"
scene girl 2: "fuck yeah, you nigz are so hot!"
scene girl 1: "lets go, cunts! can't wait to get to the mall!"
by Arghhhh Emmm Kayy May 24, 2008
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Scene girls are very confident. Their clothes are bright. A typical outfit would be-- A big bow in teased hair. Black eyeliner (with cat eyes) and fake eyelashes. A Hello Kitty t-shirt. Red and black zebra striped skinny jeans with yellow ballet flats. Lots of big necklaces and bracelets. Neon colors are a must. Band shirts are great too. Anything with Hello Kitty, Kuromi,My Melody, Gir, etc. are the best to wear. Little and big bows are great and are also a must. Skinny jeans are the best to be worn. Remember, the tighter the better. Teased/spiked hair are usually seen on scene girls with many colors. Lets put it at this, the 80's are their fashion.
Music ranges from The Medic Droid to Black Dahlia Murder to The Beastie Boys. Mostly anything except country.
The scene queens are gods. Like Jeffree Star Hannabeth Kiki Kannibal Zui Suicide.
They are confident and don't care what you think. They do whatever they want to.
scene boy- hey babyy. are yew going to the show tonight?
scene girl- duhh! its going to be sooo awesomatastic!
regular girl- whats with you scene kids? you all look weird.
scene girls- we dont care what you think
regular girl- ugh. . . *rolls eyes and walks away*
by mimiMASSACRE December 25, 2008
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Usually concieted whores with HUGE hair who cant talk enough about how "beautiful" they are but yet they think they are so hardcore with their hello kitty. They are the cause of global warming with their freaking hairspray.
Mike: oh my....look at that scene girls hair and short skirt

Mat: Oh no bro..its not worth tapping that. She'll just go on about herself and bitch about her hair to the point where you just want to throw her off a cliff

Mike: Good looking out bro!
by Armagoddamnmotherfuckingeddon December 26, 2009
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