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How to become a scene girl.

1. Dye your hair; black, beach blonde, red, rainbow colors.

2. Cut your hair short and choppy. Or you can have long hair with really short layers on top.

3. Learn how to style your hair. The bigger the better. Make it stand up in the back.

4. Wear cute little clips in your hair.

5. Wear layers of clothing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't match. Make sure its colorful.

6. Get shoes; converse, vans, flats.

7. Make sure to wear lots of eye shadow, really bright colors.

8. When you talk through in "SUP @ CHU" and "KTHANXBIA", "STFU", "IM BRUTAL WITH 2 Z3R0s and A F0uR" shit like that will make people think you talk scene so you must be scene.

9. Go to shows.

10. Defend the scene.

11. You MUST have a myspace.

12. Take new pictures for myspace like everyday.

Good Luck!

Scene girls are so cool, I wish I could be one.
by ECCKAH October 16, 2006

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