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A dialect used in most of Wales (UK). It is mainly used in the south Wales, popularised by the 'Valley folk'. The common trends are to use terms which double up and sound stupid (but to us it is perfectly normal), for example "I'll be there now in a minute". Missing out letters or adding words for no reason, "He's most probly with 'is brother down the club".
Just watch the movie Twin Town, set in Swansea (a city in south/west Wales". More examples can be found at
by boyo June 02, 2004
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Wenglish is a mixture of the Welsh language and the English. This is used in an inforlmal situation usually, with frienda or family, who speak fluent Welsh. It's basically a lazy forma of
"Mae fy computer'n breakio trwy'r amser, mae'n really annoying!"
"Paid a siarad wenglish, mae'n ddiog."
by utterly-mike December 22, 2006
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Can refer to one of two distinct forms of communication used within Wales. The first is the dialect of English spoken by Welsh people in the South Wales Valleys. This is a working-class dialect influenced by the Welsh language, which was the main language of the area until the twentieth century. It is famous for using long consonants, abnormal prepositions, additional verbs for emphasis, and the Aberdare Inversion which brings some of the verbs in a given clause to the start. Some common words used in Wenglish include "butti" for "mate", "tidy" for "good" and "ych a fi" for "disgusting". The second meaning of the word Wenglish is the exact opposite. It is an informal dialect of the Welsh language with influences from the English language, often used by bilingual people. The dialect is particularly prominent in northern Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, where it is often unclear whether the primary language of a given community is Welsh or English. An example of Wenglish in this sense would be as follows; the sentence "I am watching television with my family," would, in Welsh, be rendered "Dw i'n gwylio y teledu gyda fy teulu," whilst in Wenglish, one might say "Dw i'n watcho y telly gyda fy teulu."
Englishman: "I was visiting my family in the South Wales Valleys the other day."
Friend: "How was it."
Englishman: "Not bad, but I found the dialect hard to follow. They call it Wenglish."


Welshman: "I didn't know you could speak Welsh."
Friend: "I'm not really very fluent; I tend to speak a kind of Wenglish."
by Draig ap Dafydd July 23, 2019
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Web English; words used to describe the functions and/or actions associated with the World Wide Web; not pure English but International Web English; short versions of longer names and descriptions used in the WWW community
The Urban Dictionary seems to mainly deal with Wenglish definitions of words which may or may not become a permanent part of the English language. Web Logging is often expressed as Blogging which is the Wenglish version.
by Sijo Robert Z January 04, 2005
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