when you commit to something, whether it’s to a person or a diet, a lifestyle or the party.

you commit and there’s no going back.
similar phrases are; go mental, full on, go crazy, full send, send it.
person 1: are you ready?
person 2: of course, imma go full out on this shit!
by thatbrainlessbitch June 3, 2020
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To run like Britney Spears (presumably when she was attractive) while being Neil Peart.
“Oh my god! He runs faster than Britney Spears! And she was running full-out!” - Originally uttered by an anonymous elderly female security worker for a Rush concert. This version of the quote is the one told by Mr. Neil Peart during an interview after some show, or something.
by EvilJew December 2, 2013
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full makeout but without sex
The boy went to fingerbash the young feminine girl but she went to full out.
by anchick December 8, 2018
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