To be disrespectful or rude, but funny.
Jamel: Bro kayla has ass
Me: ur trippin bro her ass doesnt come past her back
Jamel: *laughing* ur fowl
by Jadon Caden January 12, 2019
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Graffiti slang for a letter that don't look right. a letter "M" looks like a "J" or something like that.
Hey buddy, your "M" is fowl and could use some reconfiguration.
by DaveJohnson February 27, 2004
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Rapper from Detroit (real Name Saffal Tall) who won the Redbull Emsee Battle in 2010. Recently issued a mixtape called Live From The D
Fowl has a sick flow, never lost a battle
by ucbee January 07, 2011
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A bad improver, specifically one who lacks the understanding of fundamental improve rules.
“Oh he’s in Fowl Play? Yeah let’s go see RITI instead”
by Rebelwithapebble March 19, 2018
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Fowling is a recreational sport played by the coolest people in the world. You throw a football towards bowling pins that are placed on a board at a distance of 48 feet apart. The goal is to knock all ten pins down. It is more difficult than it looks or sounds. It is known as "the sport of kings". Created in the early 2000's, fowling is growing in popularity, and is most commonly found at tailgates. The biggest fowling event is held at the Indy 500 "coca cola lot" on the saturday before the race. Last year, a record high of 62 teams of two participated in the "super fowl saturday" tournament. It has been rumored that even Chuck Norris loves to fowl. The official fruit of fowling is the cherry. The game was invented by mere accident, by three beer drinking men named Chutt, John Von Mack, and Mr. Skip. Fowling has even also raised money for charity! If you would like to be one of the coolest people in the world, and join in on the fun!
I can't wait to go fowling tonight!

I'd rathar be fowling!
by nhutt February 03, 2010
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just a straight FUCK NIGGA can't keep up with the big dogs and parties out like a stripper with no kid and a hooch full of blow, and never gets any pussy and lies about a bunch of stupid shit
quit worrying about your shoes nigga your a Fowles fuck the swag
by fuck nigga fowles December 29, 2011
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