1 {adjective}: An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.
2 {noun}: A person who often displays savage behaviour according to the above definition
1: "Did you see the way he threw that bastard? That was savage..."
2: "Gods, Matt is a savage."
by Tahlah September 01, 2004
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"I thought he was going to lose the fight, but then he went savage and gouged the guys eyes out and ate them"

"This term paper is sooo savage"
by Jesse & Erik July 31, 2004
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One who does not give a flipping flip about morals and will say ANYTHING about ANYONE.
Peter: Austin is a savage.
Other friend: Why?
Peter: He stole his best friend's girl while eating pancakes.
by Savage434343 May 19, 2015
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