friend: eat?
me: sausage
by Xonde April 19, 2019
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A males penis, also can be used to show a very annoying male
Example #1 When Janie asked russell to fuck for a second time he said sorry baby my sausage is overcooked and dilapidated

Example #2 That sausage is an asshole, I hope he sticks his sausage in a meat grinder and shoves it up his ass
by Cosmo August 4, 2003
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A common cylindric part of meat made from delicious gory animal parts. The human beings usually eat it in order to gain multiple kilojoules, but instead of that, some weirdos smoke it for their personal pleasure.
I've got to smoke my daily sausage, does anyone have a lighter or something...?
by Slutlerandojob November 14, 2005
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To be surrounded on all sides by dudes.
I was at the concert and I couldn't enjoy myself because I was completely sausaged.
by Jeffreezy17 December 6, 2010
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The act of misleading someone to believe in something when in actual fact it does not exist!
guy1: look over their your mums got her tits out!
guy2: where?
guy1: sausage!!
by a freind of yer maw November 26, 2010
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saw c ej

-noun, any independent music "scene" in the Chicagoland Area that involves a bunch of hairy, sweaty dudes drinking cheap beer. Cute girls are nowhere to be seen. The ones that used to be cute morph into alcoholic slobs.
"hey you want to go see that band at the Mutiny?"

"no way man, that shit is sausage"
by ULTRA-THIN MAGNUM April 18, 2009
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