Basically used to describe that someone did something perfectly or looked fabulous.
She ate that role.
by MickFed October 04, 2021
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When a girl gives you head and deep throats it all to where there is nothing left.
I took that girl home from the bar last night and she ate the bones
by Rise_N_Fire June 09, 2013
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when you're so bored you type tiktok comments into urban dictionary
comments of a tiktok video addressing cyberbullying:

pinkfluffy873: omg so good

rogerthesimp90: Martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽
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