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An unpleasant process, especially one that is hidden from public view, that is used to produce a widely consumed product: lots of people like sausage, but few would enjoy watching leftover animal parts ground up to make it.
Some college football teams have an easier time getting to BCS games than others, but it's all a big sausage factory anyway.
by Sturdy Liver July 06, 2010
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Adj. Something that is expected to have a long lifespan by virtue of having existed for a long time, based on the lindy effect, named for the New York restaurant Lindy's, coined by Albert Goldman and popularized by Nassim Taleb.
cooking with fire is lindy
by mmebs June 13, 2021
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A club or party full of dudes only and not fly ass chicks
Dude GTs is a total sausage factory. fagatorium
by Micah April 25, 2003
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Phrase usually uttered by male humans in exasperation on finding oneself in any social gathering - having previously assumed said social gathering to be an ideal opportunity to attain a suitable mating partner of the opposite sex - where the possibility of heterosexual pairing is considerably lower than expected.
"I have failed in my genetic imperative to mate with a member of the opposite sex because the social gathering I attended was a sausage factory."
by The Real Macky March 01, 2007
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"Before Ethel wanted to get married she wanted to visit a sausage factory"
by spooty2y July 08, 2003
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My name was Micah but its not any more because some one else has my name. BUT THE MEANING OF SAUSAGE FACTORY is being any where at any inclosed space and it being filled with guys and no ladies to balance out the sticks and buttons.
Man....this is such....a sausage factory
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where men go to become gay, and where wives watch men strip
"Man when you said we were going to the club i didn't realize we were going to a sausagefactory "
by IFGODWASONEOFUS January 27, 2015
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