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Hicks are generally found in the subparts of Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, or Tenesee. I am from Kentucky, and I have to live with them day by day. NOW Hicks generally generate themselves on racism and hate crimes. NOT ALL but most. They hate all sorts of races, but the most hardcore hicks will hate all races. The hick is generally a very embred specimen. Do not get into a fight with one at a rodeo, as you will soon find your self unconsious in the bull pen. If you must, fight one in the ghetto where at least the african-american people can grab a gun and help.
Hicks are what give Kentucky a bad name. Even though there are people of high intelligence here.

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It is simplness wrapped up in one word. Thus everyone who posts any thing on Urban Dictionary is part of simplicity.
Its all apart of the beautiful simplistic part of life.

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Time Warner is the company that owns everything and will eventually ruin all things good and holy and the demon children will run amuck in the streets screaming out curses on Gods holy people. THE ANTI CHRIST IS BILL GATES AND BILL GATES INTERPRIZES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH TIME WARNER! BOY COT THE INDUSTRY! OH NO they;re at my house.
Time Warner industrys are the gate way into hell. They own everything and soon they will own you.

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A satanic marketing ploy used to implant satanic messages into your childrens heads BY form of board game.
Satan is ina board game

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My name was Micah but its not any more because some one else has my name. BUT THE MEANING OF SAUSAGE FACTORY is being any where at any inclosed space and it being filled with guys and no ladies to balance out the sticks and buttons.
Man....this is such....a sausage factory

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Foxhole is an awesome instrumental band. The guys from Foxhole are inspiriational to me and many others. Their music brings hapiness and sunshie dust to any one who hears it. PLEASE support foxhole. They are the next best thing. and the guys are the greatest.
Foxhole is the best.


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